Why design a presentation?

It only takes 13 milliseconds for the audience
to identify the content of your slide and start emotionally processing it.

Before your audience can understand the presentation on a conscious level, they base their judgement on first impressions and have experienced the deck on an emotional level. Hence, design forms an important element while making a pitch deck.With the help of a well-designed investor pitch or sales pitch, convincing your audience becomes easier, as you would be able to get their favourable attention before you have even started talking.


Putting the ‘custom’ in customized

Every assignment comes with a unique challenge, from firms belonging to a diverse range of industries. Our analytical approach and experienced team of designers and consultants enable us to deliver tailor-made investor pitch decks and presentations for our clients. With customization at the heart of our services, we collaborate closely with our clients to understand their expectations and a well-designed feedback process keeps them abreast the project progress.

How do we do it?



At this stage, we interview our clients to develop a firm understanding of the company and their target consumers and demographics. Our analysts and consultants identify competition and start researching on market trends and how to highlight the value proposition that distinguishes the client from existing players in the industry. As a knowledge sharing practice, we provide our clients with the research insights gained and discuss how it can be integrated into the pitch deck.



Our creative process starts with content gathering and mapping. During this process, copywriters and designers work together on the storyboarding process, to create a compelling narrative that can be used by our clients while presenting the pitch deck. As our content team works on crafting a succinct copy for the deck, our designers study the brand language, the color schemes, and typography to be used. To ensure client feedback is integrated appropriately into the deliverable, we set milestones for a regular review process. This enables us to be creatively aligned to our clients’ expectations and create impactful content for the pitch deck.



Having received approval on the creatives and the content, we start working on the final pitch deck. Our consultants oversee the development and structure of the deck, and provide insights on including strategic information in the narrative. Lastly, we conduct a final review with the client before the deliverable is sent out. As a collaborative effort, our aim is to produce content that makes the client’s presentation relevant to the prospect.

Have a Project in Mind?

Are you looking to design your investor pitch deck or customer presentation?


Why Pitttch?

Proven experience

Our team comprises consultants and designers with proven experience in making professional presentations. The team has collectively developed over 2,000 slides for corporate and startups.

Fast turnaround

More often than not, business presentations have a tight deadline. That’s why you need a partner that you can trust. Time and again our team has delivered beautifully designed presentations in fast turnaround. Our average turnaround for presentation design is five working days.

Hand-crafted design

Every presentation designed by us is crafted from scratch. Because we understand that cookie-cutter templates can be equally damaging as unprofessionally designed slides. Our presentations are globally recognized for confidence, minimalism, and sharpness.

Client confidentiality

Can you trust cheap, reckless contractors with your confidential business information? Absolutely not. We closely work with decision makers and often sign NDA. Naturally, we do not publish any material (even redacted samples) without the client's approval.

Modern presentation tools

While PowerPoint is our favorite presentation tool, we can design professional presentations using Prezi, Google Slides, Adobe Illustrator, and Keynote.

Excellent customer service

We offer our services to individuals and companies alike. We have over 93% positive feedback from our customers around the globe.


A beautiful presentation was created by the Pitttch team and in a quick turnaround. This was another successful project and I'm sure we will be working together again.

Owner, Marccx Media

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