Compelling Pitch Decks for Startup Founders


Why hire a consultant

Appropriate funding at the right time is critical for scaling modern businesses. Everyone knows that raising capital requires persistence and undivided attention. For a startup founder like you, time is the most scarce resource. Any diversions, including constructing the capital raise materials could derail the momentum of your startup. Hiring a startup focused consultant is perhaps a better choice for emerging somewhat unscathed through the grind of startup funding process.


End-to-end Pitch Deck Development

Our belief is that focus is of utmost importance for early-stage startups. Hence, we step in to help growth-hungry startup founders in constructing the capital raise material while they focus on building the next big thing. We prepare complete investor-facing material including pitch deck, financial projections and valuation workbooks. We primarily work with startups from markets such as SaaS, Consumer internet, Energy/clean-tech, Agritech etc.

Business Model Design

Financial Analysis & Modelling


Pitch Deck Design

Capital Raise Advisory

Pitch deck development process

1. Immersion

The process begins by visualising the business from the founder’s point of view. Initial meetings aim to gauge the founder’s views on markets, competition and product roadmap.
• Question the founder’s assumptions about the market and their capital raise expectations
• Review the existing documentation
• Grasp the startup’s vision
• Discuss roadmap, revenue run rate, burn
• Go-to-market and future fundraising plans

blue and white infographic displaying business visualization start from the scratch
an image displaying Research & Business Model Critique

2. Research & Business Model Critique

Research and business model analysis
This step entails the critique of startup’s business model and the environment.  
• Market size estimation – TAM, SAM and attainable market share
• Segmentation and competitive benchmarking
• Competitive differentiation and value proposition
• Pricing and marketing strategy
• Analysis of Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)
• Recent competitor valuations

3. Pitch Deck Development

The final step that is to condense all the information from the research and immersion into an investor-facing book that includes a pitch deck, a financial model and an investor brief.
• Well-structured financial models
• Sensitivity analysis
• Creating a compelling narrative
• Pitch Deck design
• Meticulously review the investor presentation and core documentation to check for consistency in financials, projections, and statistics

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Why Pitttch?

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Pitch deck clients

Client testimonials

Pitttch is a talented team and dedicated to the job. They listened carefully to us and quickly understood the concept. Their research into the subject was insightful to us as well. Best of all, they adhered to our deadlines and made sure the project was finished by then. Highly recommend Pitttch to work with.
Aakash Doshi
Founder, Medlyte
It was a great pleasure working with Pitttch. They are very creative, amazing at research and helped us produce an insightful report with efficient input and within our budget and time constraints.
Christian Schaefer
Angel Investor

Case studies

HIIP raises two rounds of funding

$6MM business plan for hotel acquisition

Pitch book construction for $1bn+ mega deal

Have any questions?

We offer a free 20-minute session on Skype to discuss your objectives or answer any question you may have about constructing an investor-grade pitch deck for your startup.