Business Plan Writing

We develop compelling business plans for small enterprises and startups. Business plans written by us fetched over $9M for our clients in 2017.
Learn how our small yet focused team of business consultants can help prepare a persuasive, investor-grade business plan.

Why hire a consultant for writing your business plan?

You know your business the best, and ideally, you should be the one writing the business plan. However, preparing an investor-grade business plan can be challenging as it requires the business owner to look his business from investor's vantage point. This situation is naturally unpleasant as it's not in our nature to criticise our venture. Is it not? Software-based writing isn't enough to fire the business plan for good. Most business plans require rigorous testing of assumptions. Assumptions that the templates tend to miss often. Hiring a functional consultant is the right decision if you don't have time and resources to conduct research, build financial models, prepare business model canvas, framing the right content, and finally, designing your business plan document.

Developing a successful business plan is a collaborative effort

Why Hire Us for Writing Your Business Plan?

We are a team of business plan consultants with proven experience in startups, investment banking, funding, and growing ventures. We don't just write business plans. We immerse ourselves in your business as a co-founder would, to achieve your help you to as conduct in-depth research to obtain accurate and updated information that adds value to your bespoke business plan. We never outsource business plan writing to cheap contractors as our competitors do. We work alongside you to transform the random thoughts and hand-written notes into a compelling business plan package.

Inquisitive approach

We ask you difficult questions about your business that make you think and help you prepare for the harsh fundraising battle. 

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Proven experience

Our team has diverse and proven experience in the fields of investment banking, business consulting, economic, and strategic research.

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Crystal clear writing, no-fluff!

Business plans are not meant to put investors to sleep. Right? Get ahead of your competition with our concise yet compelling b-plans.

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Some of our business plan and pitch deck clients


Did excellent work within timeline, we worked on very short deadline yet project came out as expected. This business plan was part of loan request to bank for $6,000,000 and it did get approve. Thanks.

Owner, Hampton Inn

Let us craft an investor-ready business plan for you

Our Business Plan Services

Business Plan Development

If you are looking to raise funds from private investors, VC, PE or bank, then you need a professionally written business plan package. Each plan is hand crafted to showcase your specific circumstances, yet share attributes that investors find appealing.

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Business Plan Review

If you have already written a business plan and are looking for a critical review, we can help. Our team will review your business plan, financial projections and investor pitch deck to help you fare better in front of investors or lenders.

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Financial Modeling & Analysis

Every professional business plan must contain important projections about the venture's performance, position and cash. We have hands-on experience in developing comprehensive pro-forma including DCF / valuation, Cash flow and P&L projections etc.

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Our Approach

We follow a simple, yet proven approach. Our winning recipe is simple. We develop every business plan from scratch; we don't use templates. Wondering why? Over 30% of customers come to us after they've had their head handed to them when they take cheap template-based business plans to the investors.


In this phase our team immerses to understand your business objectives, vision and unique aspects. The immersion stage involves calls and discussions with the founding team. We ensure that we acquire deep understanding about your business and vision before proceeding with the analysis of external factors. 

Business model analysis

This phase involves in-depth research about the internal and external factors that impact your business. We conduct in-depth research about competitors, industry and value chain. The insights from research help identify  white space. Subsequently, we refine the business model canvas that depicts the foundation of a robust business plan.

Drafting the plan

Drafting the plan begins with financial modeling, forecasting, and projections. Growth potential and financial viability are critical evaluation factors for investors and lenders. This sets the tone for a venture's roadmap to achieve its vision and it must be reflected concisely in the business plan.

Review and fine-tuning

The last stage is to critically review our own work. We scrutinize the plan to ensure that the the structure, content and language are in order. It is also important to highlight the risk factors and key assumptions. This is to make investors recognize the team's meticulous approach and objectiveness in preparing the business plan.

More Information About Our Services

  • Business Plan Development

    GrowthVue offers end-to-end business plan writing service. We provide bespoke business plan writing for small businesses and startups at an affordable price. Our team of consultants understand your business requirement holistically and conduct in-depth research to provide accurate, up to date and precise content.
    Business plans are developed with continuous collaboration with the clients to ensure the final products meet your requirements and expectations. It will outline step by step milestones and key performance indicators needed to obtain your business goals and growth.

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  • Business Plan  Review

    We at Growthvue will help you review your business plan and provide technical and expert inputs so that it has the right tone, content, structure and appearance. Our consultants will evaluate the plan and correct mistakes so that your plan reflects competence, skill and efficiency.
    Our team will provide you with strategic recommendations on your business model, marketing strategies, organizational structure, operational process and overall financial growth strategy. Our business plan review service is a quick and smart way to take an in-depth analysis of your business and discover areas of improvement. We help you polish your business plan so that it is comprehensive and cutting edge.

  • Financial Model & Analysis

    GrowthVue has a team of financial experts who can develop a financial model for your business. A financial model is a powerful tool which will help you forecast how your company’s finances will transform and grow on a monthly basis. Our financial modelling process will extract the core of your business into a viable number of underlying assumptions and cause-and-effect relationships. We provide high quality and precise financial plans. Our other services include a wide variety of different financial and statistical analyses, ranging from product profitability analyses to evaluating new opportunities, to Monte Carlo simulations and scenario analyses.

Have more questions?

We offer a free 20-minute session on Skype to discuss your objectives or answer any question you may have about writing a business plan.