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Planning to Perfection

It is easy to develop an idea and start the process but without proper planning, it is like a journey without a roadmap. You might, at any given point in time, get lost on your way. This is precisely the reason that made me write this blog – the importance of business planning. Business planning […]

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Turn Cold Contacts Into Warm Leads With 7 Cold Email Pitch Strategies

How many times have you sent a cold email and hated it so much because it was met with silence and you did not get the right attention? We all hate reading bad emails, don’t we? You will be surprised to see how so many companies fail to send emails that can capture the attention […]

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Captivate your audience with an awe-inspiring template

What do you experience when the first slide is on the projector and speaker is about to start? Whether it’s a sales presentation, one at an educational conference or an annual meet, don’t you begin establishing some opinion about the presentation there itself? Of course, it may change by the end of the presentation but […]

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Title - Tips to Prepare Presentation

10 Tips That Will Change the Way you Prepare Presentations

It was my big day! Ever since I started my new venture, I was looking forward to this day. I had my company presentation ready and it was time to present it to prospective venture capital investors. It was absolutely important for me to showcase products, technology and my team to the investors, and I […]

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title - Warm up to networking before settling for a cold pitch

Warm up to networking before settling for a cold pitch

Every start-up need funds and most of the times it is managed by raising money from an investor, which can be a very challenging job. It requires an amazing pitch deck to arrange the funds that can make your dream come true! In our previous blog titled ‘Smart Funding for your business,’ we have written […]

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The Golden Rules of Pitching to an Investor

Your investor pitch is the single most important thing that will elevate your startup to the next level in no time and bring in the fund it deserves. It is the pitch that can make or break your prospects of getting an investor. As a rule of thumb, out of every 1000 pitches that an […]

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dollar sign - smart funding pitch deck at pitttch.com

Smart funding for your business

You have got a brilliant idea. Great! You have turned that brilliant idea into a product or service. Even better! But what next? How would you get the right customers to your product/service, and most importantly how will you get the right people to invest in your business? The answer is ‘‘PITCH DECK.’’ The pitch […]

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Creating a great Investor pitch deck? A checklist from the VCs

The company is registered, the office space is leased and you even have a front office executive. Congratulations! You are now a true-blue, 100% genuine entrepreneur. Now it’s time to get down to business. As soon as the office pooja flowers wither, you get down to brass tacks and start working on growing your business. […]

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6 must-read presentation design tips for professionals

If you have worked on designing a compelling and beautiful presentation, then you would know how daunting it could be if you are not a professional presentation designer. Additionally, if you are also the presenter of the slides for a very important investor pitch meeting, then the pressure is a 100-fold increase. But is there an […]

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pitttch blog - professional presentation design - man presenting on a laptop

Crafting Presentations That Sell – Trade Secrets of a Professional Deck Maker

The corporate world is ruled by Presentations. If there is meeting – and there are lots of them – then there is almost inevitably a presentation.  An old college friend, now a senior corporate leader, moaned about how she spends her entire day going in and out of meetings and nights working on deck after […]

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