Bridging the gap between startups and investors

Our services are aligned with the fundraising needs of startups and of investors identifying new investment opportunities.


We exist to solve one simple problem – eliminate the inefficiencies in the funding ecosystem. At one end of the spectrum, we help investment management firms assess startups in emerging market verticals. On the other, we prepare startups for getting funded through robust and investor-ready business plans.

What we do

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Our financial analysts have proven experience in delivering top-notch financial research, models and insights for leading financial institutions. Learn how we help finance wizards stay less busy and more productive with our services.

Most startups fail to clear the preliminary investor screening. Our experience of working closely with private equity and venture capital firms has strengthened our understanding of how they evaluate an investment proposal. We utilize this experience to help entrepreneurs prepare fundraising proposals that really make a difference. We eliminate the need to hire designer, business plan writer, and valuation consultant separately by offering an all-inclusive service.

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Our team

Rohini Chowhan

Rohini is an MBA Finance professional with 10 years of work experience. She has led various strategic projects in the areas of Analytics, Business Research & Market Intelligence for different verticals. She has also authored articles, curated news posts and developed training webinars for several start-ups. She is a University level Gold medalist in Business Economics.

Pushpendra Yadav

Pushpendra is an avid learner in the field of finance. He has cleared both levels of the Financial Risk Management (FRM) exam. He is from IIT Roorkee and has worked with Stakeholders Empowerment Services (SES) where he gained expertise about the Indian Corporate Law and Financial Reporting & Analysis. In his down time, you might also find him on a football field.

Business Development
Pratik Bedarkar
Mithila Shinde

Mithila is a pitch deck designer at Pitttch. She has five years of experience as Graphic Designer with advertising agencies in multimedia, marketing and print design. She has worked with companies across verticals and is exceptionally fast with design tools. She has successfully executed over 30 design projects from concept through completion. She has studied Applied Arts from Mumbai.

Bogdan S

Bogdan has extensive experience in designing pitch decks. In over 5 years of his professional experience, he has developed over 200 stunning presentations and startup pitch decks. He has worked with companies across the globe. A minimalist designer, he prefers using bold typography, color, and imagery in his projects.

Arpit Sharma

Arpit, an Investment Analyst, is a self motivated and hard working individual who strives to add value to whatever he does. Having conquered IIT Roorkee, he is now pursuing the CFA charter–looking to shake up the finance industry. With the experience of TATA Steel, his work is now dedicated to helping younger companies reach similar grandeur.

Abhishek Sinha

Abhishek founded Pitttch in 2016 after failing at a food-tech startup. He has previously worked on strategic research and consulting assignments with decision makers of several B2B firms. He has cleared level 1 of CFA and has an MBA in Finance from Mumbai University. He loves working with tech startups.